More inCommon / Mary Kay Wall

As Director of The Telling Well and Producer of the inCommon TV series, I play an integral role in the creation of stories. To determine how to tell each one, I need to be at story shoots – placing me in the middle of incomparable experiences. Hiking up a mountain in Phoenix talking to a 9/11 NY firefighter. Listening to Arab and Israeli children set aside enmity for friendship found through Ultimate Frisbee. Feeling frosty ice spray in my face from college hockey players skating hard to determine their destiny. Unlearning everything I ever thought I understood about war – in a peaceful wood with a Vietnam Vet.

I want to take you with me to meet remarkable people in behind the scenes settings –- to share all they have to teach us about the most important thing we have in common: Life. In More inCommon, I will give you an insider’s look at the making of these stories and include valuable parts of the interviews not heard on inCommon. There’s always more to the story.