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Molly Bourke’s journey

Misericordia: Molly Bourke’s journey

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Meet Molly. Cashier, bus card holder, independent woman, boundary breaker. It’s not only these things that inspire. It’s that she accomplishes it all with Down Syndrome.


Misericordia is a community of care in the city of big shoulders. This groundbreaking non-profit, situated on 31 acres in Chicago, maximizes the potential of people living with developmental challenges, many of whom are also physically disabled.

Misericordia believes every person, disabled or not, has the right to become a meaningful and independent member of society. So each client is engaged in a constructive combination of therapy, education, job training and recreational programs in pursuit of that all-too-human goal. By nurturing society’s most vulnerable citizens, Misericordia also serves the community of families who desire those same opportunities for their loved ones, but cannot provide them at home.

  • Chicago IL based
  • Operated by the Sisters of Mercy
  • Founded in 1921

To learn more about Misericordia, and to support and engage with them, visit their site http://www.misericordia.com

Her Day

Misericordia helps all its clients to gain the physical, mental and emotional strength to be out in the world — on their own. This is how Molly does it. Every day.

07:18 A.M. / Misericordia


The unique mix of life-giving programs, compassionate staff and supportive environment at Misericordia — an organization that helps mainstream people living with disabilities — enables Molly to live and work off-campus.

08:16 A.M. / Commute


She used to take a cab everywhere. Until one day, she called her mother and told her it was time to start taking the bus. And the train. And to ride them by herself. “I know my stops, Mom.” There’s no stopping her now.

09:00 A.M. / Work


Molly loves people. This boundless affection resonates so deeply with customers at her grocery store that she commands the most popular checkout lane. She’s a well-known, beloved member of the greater community.

02:07 P.M. / Repeat


Molly lives an independent and fulfilling life. It’s a lesson Misericordia teaches all of us: Give someone a shot. Train them. Teach them. And then, fearlessly and lovingly, pass that knowledge onto someone else.


To learn more about Misericordia, and to support and engage with them, visit their site: www.misericordia.com
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