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Peace in the air

Ultimate Peace: Peace in the air

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At Ultimate Peace, the Middle East’s next generation catches onto the idea that they aren’t so different from one another.

It’s a lesson that might lead to a very different, and very peaceful, future in the region.

Ultimate Peace

Teenagers from Palestinian, Arab, Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities come together for the very first time at the Ultimate Peace camp in Israel. Normally divided by mistrust and conflict, they instead find themselves building strong friendships and lasting bonds. For tomorrow’s leaders, it’s not just a game. It’s a revelation.

If today’s youth aren’t given the opportunity to relate, and fail to connect given their vast cultural and religious differences, there will never be enduring peace in the Middle East. Founded in 2008, Ultimate Peace builds on the basic principles of Ultimate Frisbee to achieve that goal: fair play, mutual respect and responsible sportsmanship. It’s peace through sport.

Population Details

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    300 youth from 14 communities

  • founders-icon

    2 founders, David Barkan and Linda Sidorsky

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    The whole world as level-playing field

To learn more about Ultimate Peace, and to support and engage with them, visit their site http://www.ultimatepeace.org/

  • guide to ultimate frisbee

    2014-2015 season

  •  frisbee

    rule #1

    Pass the Disc

    You can’t run down the field to score a goal. You have to throw it to another player.
  • card

    rule #2

    Call Foul!

    When a rule is broken, any player may call the foul.
  • whistle

    rule #3

    A team of referees

    There are no referees. When a foul’s called, the players unite to resolve the issue.
  • When a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a frisbee.

    Stancil Johnson Author: Frisbee: A Practitioner’s Manual and Definitive Treatise

  • Official Playing field dimension


  • Ultimate Peace

    Ultimate Frisbee stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is always encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, following the rules, and the ultimate joy of play.


To learn more about how to support and engage with Ultimate Peace, visit their site: http://www.ultimatepeace.org
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