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The Floured Apron: On the rise

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The Floured Apron helps women rise to their potential. The concept is simple: take motivated women seeking to improve their life situations. Spend a few months training them in a food service environment. Baking is hard work, but the end-product sweetens life’s possibilities. It’s a recipe for success.

The Floured Apron is a non-profit, social-enterprise bakery that provides mentoring, life skills, and food service training to low income women — empowering them to achieve economic stability through career paths in the restaurant, food service or baking industries.

Women in the program are paired with local women from the community who’ve volunteered to mentor and support them in stabilizing their lives and becoming self-sufficient.

To learn more about The Floured Apron, and to support and engage with them, visit their site theflouredapron.org


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