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Right to education

ACE: Right to education

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The Alliance for Catholic Education serves children in the most underserved areas of the country by providing empowering educational opportunities.


Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness…how can these be upheld without entitlement to education? Statistics show that a lack of strong educational opportunities links to diminished, restricted, unhappy lives. The renowned Fr. Ted Hesburgh took up this cause as his final fight for civil rights: the right to education. It’s a right served by ACE – the Alliance for Catholic Education.

  • Housed in the Institute for Educational Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame
  • Founded in 1993
  • ACE has been honored by the White House

To learn more about Alliance for Catholic Education, and to support and engage with them, visit their site https://ace.nd.edu/

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh C.S.C.


B. 1917

Born Theodore Martin Hesburgh, May 25, 1917 in Syracuse, New York.



Hesburgh served as President of Notre Dame for 35 years.



Chairman of the United States Civil Rights Commission.



Served on Knight Commission that overhauled college sports.


Alliance for Catholic Education
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